• project: kindergarten
  • location: Zagreb
  • authors: Mihaela Goluža Besjedica,, Ana Krivošija,
  • project phase: conceptual design, competition
  • project year: 2020.

    The basic idea while designing the Kindergarten is to create a small structure, run away from conventional – large buildings that just meet the given program, and articulate spaces divided into different thematic units. These units are interconnected, and are completely imbued with the context of the environment and greenery and create the main backbone of interaction. All for the purpose of play and research, to create a stimulating, interesting and inspiring environment for children.

    In response to the specificity of the context of the rural area, the goal of this project is to fit into the environment, but also to give value to the space with contents that will contribute to the quality of urban space and at the same time enable the future expansion of urban parts.

    The structure is low rise with an indented shape, and is placed in such a way that all group units of the kindergarten and nurseries are oriented towards the park in the south, while the slope of the roofs serves to harness solar energy, and create an energy-efficient building.

    The very heart of the object and the next starting idea of spatial organization are the spaces of two atriums, which allow the penetration of the external context into the interior, and allow the additional contact with nature. This space becomes part of the landscape, which optically connects parts and facilitates the connection of space. 


MI ARHITEKTI is an architectural studio founded in 2019 in Dubrovnik, Croatia by licensed architect Mihaela Goluža Besjedica after years of experience in architectural and interior design.

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