beach day club

beach day club

  • project: beach day club
  • location: Funtana, Poreč
  • authors: Mihaela Goluža Besjedica,, Ana Krivošija,
  • collaborators: Tamara Janjić,
  • project phase: conceptual design
  • project year: 2021.
  • area size: 4613 m2

The area is intended for recreational and hospitality facilities, considering the existing context and public facilities that stretches along the coast and the beach.

The concept is based on the analysis of the current situation and the recognition of advantages and disadvantages in the space.

The built structure recedes to the northeastern edge of the enclosure, and the southern part is formed as a free external surface that takes on different contents.

The structure becomes a barrier to the road and receives service facilities that are functionally connected to that same road. On the other hand, a strip of vegetation is planned along the southern and western edges, which will create a different, somewhat milder barrier towards the promenade and the olive grove. This creates an internal protected space, an oasis focused on events within the beach day club.

The area of the swimming pool is recognized as the focus of the intervention, which binds different contents to it, and different scenarios of the use of the space are developed around it.

From north to south, the structure loosened, in order to keep the built-up part to the north, and to free the southern part closer to the sea from construction.

It is planned to use natural neutral materials, and the space is planned to be additionally enriched with natural Mediterranean vegetation, and partly with exotic plants.


MI ARHITEKTI is an architectural studio founded in 2019 in Dubrovnik, Croatia by licensed architect Mihaela Goluža Besjedica after years of experience in architectural and interior design.

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