beach bar

Beach bar

  • project: beach bar
  • author: Mihaela Goluža Besjedica,
  • collaborator: Tamara Janjić,
  • project phase: conceptual design
  • project year: 2021.

It is planned to design a small beach bar on the coast. With minimal interventions in the area, it is planned to retain as much of the existing vegetation as possible, to maintain the natural terrain, and to upgrade the area by planting new vegetation.

The project consists of the formation of an access pier, a platform with a sunbed, and a beach bar.

The project is located in the area of the Klek peninsula, on the northern coast of the peninsula and is oriented towards the north.

All the planned interventions refer to prefabricated construction. All surfaces are open, except for the sanitary facilities and the auxiliary storage room. Wooden platforms will be located at different height levels and thus adapt to the natural terrain, also supported on the ground by a minimum number of wooden posts


MI ARHITEKTI is an architectural studio founded in 2019 in Dubrovnik, Croatia by licensed architect Mihaela Goluža Besjedica after years of experience in architectural and interior design.

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